About PTS Solutions

Professional and Technical Software Solutions (dba PTS Solutions), a vendor in the Texas DIR Information & Communications Technology Cooperative Contracts Program, has been developing software for criminal justice and supporting agencies since 1988. We offer a full line of public safety software solutions to manage everything from the initial 911 call, to the mobile dispatch, the officer’s arrest report, the jail booking, and the court docket. We even have solutions for after court registries to document sex offenders and probationers. In between, we offer more specific solutions such as investigation case management, pawn shop tracking, training and certifications, and more.

Best of all? All of the systems are tied together in one database to optimize data sharing and minimize duplicate entry.

Please contact Staci Parrie and mention Contract # TSO-3760
Email: stacip@ptssolutions.com
Phone: (888) 831-5151
Fax: (318) 744-5901

PTS provides a limited 12 (twelve) month Software warranty at no additional cost to Client for PTS products. Under this warranty, if a software module does not meet or exceed PTS product specifications, PTS will, at its sole option, repair the software, replace the software with a product which meets or exceeds PTS product specifications, or issue a refund of the cost of the software module at issue.

Client agrees to submit warranty claim(s) in writing, and Client agrees to allow PTS a reasonable opportunity to investigate and/or remedy such claim(s). If, after Software warranty claim is submitted by Client and investigated by PTS, the issue(s) experienced by Client are not PTS Software related, Client agrees to reimburse PTS for any and all costs and/or associated expenses incurred in investigating the software warranty claim.

Third party software and hardware products included in the Deliverables are subject to the manufacturers’ warranty only. No other warranties of any kind are expressed or implied.

Products, Services & Specifications

Computer Aided Dispatch

* Platinum Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
* Messenger

Law Enforcement Records Management

* Platinum Records Management
* WinJustice Incident Records Management
* Evidence Module
* WinJustice Detective Case Management
* Probation Registry
* Sex Offender Registry
* Field Reporting

Jail & Offender Management

* Platinum Offender Management
* WinJustice Jail & Warrants Management
* Jail Healthcare Tracking
* Jail Commissary Tracking
* Probation Registry
* Sex Offender Registry
* Field Reporting

Court Records Management

* WinJuris Court Management
* Document Service / Civil Process
* eTickets Online Payments Credit Card Processing

Mobile CAD

* WinJustice Mobile CAD
* Platinum Mobile CAD

Supporting Apps

* Personnel Training & Certifications
* Analytics – Data Analysis
* Virtual Filing Cabinet (Paperless Filing)